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You are a Single Person and are thinking of Adopting

You are not alone!

Many single people have adopted children in the UK. Adoptive One Parent Families have, by all the criteria, an exceptionally high success rate.

Your desire to adopt is not at all unusual - but be careful - if you are only looking to adopt a child to prevent loneliness, to keep you company, or because you 'think' it might be a good idea, then you are very unlikely to be successful.

What of the Child you wish to adopt?

There are circumstances where a child could well find the attention of two parents overpowering. This frequently, but not exclusively, may come about where one, other, or both of the original parents - or any additional carers - have been very abusive.

It may be that the child has been in 'care' for an extended period and would 'prefer' a family that is very directly 'geared' to their needs.

It is certain that each child and each family will come together in their own unique way. What is the best placement for one child, may be not so for another.

Remember - it is the Child's best interests that are paramount.

So how can you, a single person, adopt a child?

First, read everything that is available - including the introductory notes throughout this whole Adoption InterLink UK site! (Most material to do with Adoption is for all families, whether you are a married couple or a One Parent Family).

Use the links to get as much information as you can.

Be clear why you wish to adopt - possibly the hardest bit of all, as often there's no real answer. (Does there have to be?)

You will know when you are ready to move - but you will require those all important attributes of

Patience - Determination - Persistence

some aspects - one parent families

Note - these 'facts' apply to the UK and are by no means exhaustive.
Other nationalities may have differing understandings and arrangements

You are adopting a child as a 'single person'. It is probable that most placing authorities will consider you, in the best interests of the child, for just that reason.

Should you have a partner -

then be aware that you may not be so 'acceptable'.

The reasoning is obvious. If a child, for whom all agree a One Parent Family is the placement of choice, then you would be offering a 'two adult' family - effectively a 'couple'.

As such a 'couple', unless there are very considerable extenuating circumstances, most authorities would prefer to consider a married couple.

Be prepared to consider your 'lifestyle' -

All authorities in the UK are charged with certain legal responsibilities for ALL the children in their jurisdiction, regardless of status or nationality. This 'Duty of Care' includes children who might be the subject of an international adoption placement or other 'private arrangement'.

It is unlikely that any placing or supervising authority will agree to a placement that is not deemed within the usually accepted 'norm'. It is equally unlikely that the Courts would grant an Adoption Order in such circumstances.

Adoption is not about you making a 'statement to the world' about who or what you are. It is about the Child and the Child's best interests.

Remember - the Child's Best Interest is paramount

Be prepared to consider the support that you have -

This does not mean that you have to demonstrate a large extended family, or masses of social contact! (A household full of continual 'comings and goings' may be ideal for one child - but enormously disturbing to another).

One the other hand, you should not be an 'isolationist'! All families, regardless, require support at some time or another. Look to friends and neighbours. Equally, are you prepared to help other families yourself?

Remember, your son/daughter will also bring you into contact with the families of friends that they make both from school and through other social contacts. Everyone makes use of this network. So should you - unless you are very unusual and then, would you really be an acceptable family for a child?

As a One Parent Family, it is likely that you will be either working for yourself or employed.

Consider how flexible your arrangements are -

Having a child means total acceptance of that child and the absolute priority that child has in your family life.

The fact that you have a job doesn't, these days, exclude. Unless you have a private income, (or have won the lottery!), then you are unlikely to be able to afford the luxury of the 'stay at home' parent. (Don't worry. A very large number married couples have the same problem).

Finally -

It is generally accepted that no prospective adoptive family has a 'right to a child'. This applies whether the family is One Parent or a Married Couple. As always, the rule is that which is in the best interests of the child.

some aspects - single mothers

Note - these 'facts' apply to the UK and are by no means exhaustive.
Other nationalities may have differing understandings and arrangements

A single woman may adopt children of either sex and of all ages, including babies and very young infants.

(There are so few babies available for adoption, that it is unlikely a single woman would be preferred to a married couple - unless the baby/infant has outstanding special needs, often involving very severe medical, physical and educational problems)

some aspects - single fathers

Note - these 'facts' apply to the UK and are by no means exhaustive.
Other nationalities may have differing understandings and arrangements

A single man, as the UK Law presently stands, can only adopt a boy.
(The Legal Adoption of a girl by a single man is specifically excluded - so if, as a single man, you are searching for a daughter to look after you in your old-age - tough!)

For historical reasons, it is unlikely that a single man would presently be accepted as an
Adoptive Parent of a baby or very young infant, unless there are very clear and generally
acceptable 'special reasons' for such an adoption.

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A web-site and mailing list for Single Adoptive Parents is available for all who are interested...

The site and mailing list is open to both men and women who are Adoptive One Parent Families by choice, by divorce or by widowhood. Single people who are considering adoption are also very welcome.

If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list, then please email, typing "subsingle" (without the quotes) into the body of the message. You will receive individual posts. If you would prefer the digest version, type in "subscribe" (without the quotes. Please don't type anything else into the body of the message... it confuses the robot... no name, no signature, no email address - nothing!

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An additional link has been provided by Christian R. Culver for prospective Single Fathers. Chris has recently been Approved as an Adoptive Parent. He is developing this site and welcomes your contact.

Be aware that these sites are not of UK origin and therefore the custom and practise in Adoption may be slightly different.

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