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Adoption is International...

Most countries recognise each others Adoption Laws and Regulations. If an Adoption Order is granted by a Court, that Order is usually recognised throughout the world.

If you are uncertain or unclear about anything to do with the legal requirements of another country, please contact your own national body for clarification.

Many of the national or local regulations may differ, in some respect, to your own. However, the knowledge and expertise that is available is there for all. You should apply that experience to your own circumstances.




Premier Links

are provided 'as is'.
The links are a select few of the many resources that are available on the 'Web.
The links are not exhaustive nor are they specifically for the UK or for UK Citizens.

If the site you request should not appear alongside, (or beneath),
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British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering

BAAF's Adoption Circle information web site for the UK...

Canadian Adoptees Registery and Classifieds

A comprehensive registry and search site for adoptees
of interest to all in the Adoption Circle...

Catholic Care Diocese of Leeds

A specialist North of England Adoption Agency that may be of
of interest to those linking with the UK Adoption Circle...

Coram Family

A London UK based service formerly known as The Thomas Coram Foundation,
with a very long and unique history offering
Adoption, Fostering, 'Leaving Care' and 'Child Contact' Services...

'Cradle of Hope'

An Adoption Agency founded by Adoptive Parents with lots of
useful adoption information and photo-listings...

'Faces of Adoption'

information and child photo-listings...

'Genesis Adoptions'

a not-for-profit Adoption Aggency with international linkage
and many resources for Adoptive Families including children's
information and photolistings.
(some secure-site modules may require on-line registration)...


Adoption in India
a developing and wide-ranging
adoption information and photo-listing site...

'International Families Adoption Agency'

a licenced agency
also with an interest in US citizens temporarily resident
in the United Kingdom but considering international adoption...

'Help the Children'

an adoptive parent led, non-profit corporation
resources for adoptive parents
adoption information and photo-listings...

'Precious in HIS Sight'

comprehensive resources for adoptive parents
adoption information, U.S. adoption faq's and

'The Romanian Adoption Committee'

an adoption agency
that is able to consider applicants that have already been
recommended and/or approved as prospective adoptive families
by the relevant authorities in their own country.

as the Romanian Adoption Committee's site is presently undergoing
reconstruction, most of the information is held by and
available from
International Families Adoption Agency
both here and above in this list...

Voice for International Development and Adoption

very useful adoption resources and photolistings...

and, just in case you ever lose it

Adoption InterLink UK

you are already at this non-profit
U.K. website for initial adoption circle information
contacts and interesting links!


some children waiting the 'children waiting' page.. Link


finding links

There are more resources available on the Internet than it is possible to list here. Any of the 'search engines', ie., databases, can find these links for you.

To search a database, place the word 'adoption' in the search criteria. This may well give you literally thousands of references. (You too can 'adopt' a rabbit!).

If you wish to limit the search, add additional words, such as 'child', 'children', 'adoption support' and so on. You will still get many references!

To help you

Starting Point

have supplied a search form to assist you in this (and any other search) you would care to make.

(Starting Point can search the main databases.)

Before moving to Starting Point please mark this site in your hot list or,
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