a note for married couples

There are no especial notes that apply particularly to married couples except, perhaps, information regarding fertility and fertility enhancing treatment. This is a very sensitive area and one that, if you don't already have adopted and/or biological children within your family, you will be expected to address when discussing your initial adoption plans with your Adoption Placement Social Worker.

Adoption is not a cure nor can it necessarily alleviate the very real feelings and, sometimes, sense of inadequacy that is aroused when you find yourself unable to have your own genetic children. You can expect that your Adoption Placement Social Worker will want to work through any such feelings with you.

What you can expect, of course(!), is that your Family will be just that.. a REAL family.. warts and all.. a family that you will always have known you will be yours.. probably for a long time before you ever consciously thought about adoption..

continue working your way around Adoption InterLink UK's webiste for the Adoption Circle - and explore all the many, varied facets that are part of the Adoption Circle, your adopted child(ren to be), their original birth families and birthparents, the social workers and, above all, your own desire to bring together your Family.


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The National Fertility Association
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