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For administrative reasons and whilst being updated,
the Personal Notice Board for Adoption InterLink UK
is presently unavailable for use.

We will be back and online again, very shortly!
Thank you for your continuing interest...

This Personal Notice Board is for all members of the Adoption Circle and those with
a bona fide interest who register, (for personal security), with
Adoption InterLink UK and Orpheus Internet Ltd.

The Personal Notice Board is intended for 'serious' brief notices of general importance,
forthcoming events, meetings etc., as well as important messages, contact details,
requests and other information relevant to all members of the Adoption Circle.

Please be aware that....

  • this Personal Notice Board is not for the general advertising of goods and
    services, commercial or otherwise.
  • the use of and/or the inclusion of any posting to this Personal Notice Board
    does not imply endorsement of that posting by either Adoption InterLink UK or
    Orpheus Internet Ltd.
  • this Personal Notice Board is open to monitoring by official agencies
    concerned with the protection of children and their families.
  • ...and please also note that....

    if you are making a request for information or wish for a general response to
    your message, then you should include an email contact, (or clear 'no-spam' email!),
    address so that anyone who is able and wishes to reply to you may do so.

    as Adoption InterLink UK is neither an adoption nor search agency, for some items
    .... and before making a request for information... you may wish to look through the
    Adoption InterLink UK website to see if information and useful addresses, people,
    links and organisations to contact are already displayed.

    the Personal Notice Board is a 'broadcast' device. As with any publically available
    system, you are advised to be careful about the type and the amount of personal
    information that you reveal.

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