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For a full list of all available reading materials please refer to your local Adoption Agency,
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Perspectives Press

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(from the Adoptive Parents' Association of Ireland - APAI)

Covering all areas of adoption, including foreign adoption, children with special needs, aspects of rearing adopted children, adoption law and procedure, interesting statistics, search and reunion, etc., it has been classed as a 'must have' by anyone with a personal, professional or academic interest in adoption and fostering.

The Adoptive Parents' Association of Ireland (APAI)

launched the Adoption Handbook in October 1998. Since then it has received rave reviews from all in the'Adoption Circle' - including the journal of the PPIAS (Adoption UK), now known as 'Adopting Today - a considerable amount of the information pertaining to the UK.


'Adoption Handbook'

at 185 pages is published by and copies are available from the

Adoptive Parents' Association of Ireland 1998

Price - Ir£6.50 + £1.00 p&p
UK price £8.00 inclusive of postage

(Bulk orders by arrangement)

Helen Gilmartin, Hon Sec
Glendalough Post Office
County Wicklow

Telephone: 353 404 45183
Fax 353 404 45700



from Adoption UK (formerly PPIAS)

This is a child care and child development book with a difference - that difference is Adoption. It has been put together to give Adoptive Parents a flying start as special families, recognising that the life tasks of adoptive families are not always the same as those of birth families. It is intended as a guide to lead Adoptive Parents through the early years, drawing on their natural expertise and building up their inner confidence to 'claim' their adopted children and to be 'good enough' parents

'Parenting The Child Who Hurts - The First Steps' has something for everyone who has brought, is bringing, or hopes to bring home a baby or young child through Adoption. It begins with a discussion of the needs of all infants, how the experience of separation, loss and change may affect an infant's social and emotional development and how awareness and sensitive re-parenting can ease these transitions.

Subsequent sections deal with early child development, provide accounts of Adoptive Parents' early experiences and draw on attachment and trauma therapy to make sense of some of the developmental challenges which young adopted children and their families may face. The final sections provide a reasoned and inspired approach to developmental re-parenting. It holds out hope for all families that difficulties, great and small, can be handled and overcome.

'Parenting The Child Who Hurts - The First Steps' is a major new work which brings together and understanding of the issues surrounding Adoption with a practical, 'down to earth' and 'hands on' approach to Adoptive Parenting. It is written by an Adoptive Parent with many years of parenting behind her. It is the book which she wishes she had been given twenty years ago, when she took her first steps into the unknown!

'Parenting the Child Who Hurts - The First Steps' is available now.

A companion volume: 'Parenting The Child Who Hurts - The Next Steps' is in preparation and should be available by Summer 1998. It will follow the continuing development of the Adopted Child, again drawing on the real experiences of Adoptive Parents to provide many further, creative suggestions for encouraging healthy development and making family life more comfortable.

We strongly recommend that you obtain both volumes, as together they provide a comprehensive guide to Adoption through the life cycle.

For either the latest single volume prices, or the (recommended) combined (one-off) price for the two volumes
as well as international and/or bulk order rates -

please contact and/or place your order with:

Adoption UK (PPIAS)
TEL +44 (0)1 327 260 295
FAX +44 (0)1 327 263 565

or write, (enclosing your personal cheque), to:

Adoption UK
Lower Boddington,
Northamptonshire, NN11 6YB


If you haven't already taken advantage of the offer, remember that membership of 'Adoption UK' (PPIAS) is available at £15.00 (ukp) p.a. inclusive within the UK


from the Children's Society

An accessible exploration of the complex emotional issues surrounding Adoptee/Birth Parent reunion, based on the personal accounts of Adopted People, Adopters and Birth Parents.

Since the Children Act 1975 anyone adopted in the UK and aged eighteen or over has been able to obtain a copy of their original birth certificate.

As a result, many adopted people have set out on the often complex journey to find out more about themselves. Despite the support they may receive, this is often a traumatic period for all involved and few people have any idea what to expect if and when they are finally able to arrange a reunion.

Compiled by Children's Society staff experienced in this area, but allowing adopted people, adopters and birth parents to speak for themselves, the book provides a clear and authoritative guide to the whole process, from deciding whether or not to trace, explaining the best way of going about it and what to expect from the outcome.

The book includes a 'First Thoughts' section, addressing some of the most common questions asked of birth record counsellors, personal accounts from adopted people, adopters and birth parents - (including three peoples' perspectives on the same reunion).

It also includes a diary account charting the sequence of events and changing emotions of Lucy, who traced her Birth Mother when she was eighteen years old.

Designed to be read as a whole, or dipped into,

Preparing for Reunion

is a vital resource for everyone in the Adoption Circle.

ISBN 0 907324 78 9
Paperback, 160 pages, £5.99 (ukp)

Children's Society Publications are available from:

The Children's Society
Publications Department,
Edward Rudolph House,
Margery Street,

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