what is adoption?

There are all sorts of 'adoptions'! One can 'adopt' a whale, a tree, a patch of grass, even rabbits! This sort of 'adoption' is probably best called sponsoring.

The legal Adoption of a Child is something different.

Adoption, in this case, is the LEGAL transferring of a Child from one family to another. This change of family is, in the legal sense, binding in perpetuity. This means that it is for 'all time'.

It is intended to be permanent. The Family belongs to the Child and the Child belongs to the Family. It is as if the Child had been born into the Family.

An Adoptive Family is not an alternative family.

It IS the Family.


  • Unfortunately, there are children who are not able to stay with their birth family. This may be for any number of causes, but all the causes have the same consequence. The Birth Family is unable to care for the Child
  • Frequently, others can 'step in' to care for the child. The child still belongs to the Birth Family and may well return to their care.
  • Sometimes, even though the Child retains the identity and legal status of their Birth Family, they may remain with alternative Carers throughout their childhood. Occasionally this may be in residential care. Mostly such children are placed in Foster Families. (This is known as LONG TERM FOSTERING).
  • There are a few children who, for whatever reason, cannot remain with their Birth Family.
  • Legal Adoption is, for such a child, sometimes agreed as the best solution. The simple and paramount principle that overides everything is that this MUST be an


    You may as well ask, "Who can be a Parent?"

  • Adopters have no special qualifications.
  • Look at the people around you. Anyone of them may be an Adopter, or thinking of Adoption. There is little that pre-determines whether or not YOU too can Adopt.

    To be accurate, some things are not, usually, acceptable. A history of proven child-abuse for instance. Known criminal activities of an unsavoury or pornographic nature. A personality that is excessively involved in ethnic, religious, political or social 'hatred'.

    This does not mean that you, necessarily, have to be 'saint-like'. Children come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours and combinations. Families are exactly like this - all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and combinations.

  • There is one thing that all Adoptive Families should share. The Love and Care for a Child and the ability to give that love and care in a very practical way.
  • An Adoptive Family is absolutely committed to their Child.


    The only one who can answer this is


    You have read this far?
    Nothing has put you off?
    You are still interested?
    You believe you have something to offer a Child?
    Then it just may be that

    you ARE suitable!


    Health Warning

    Adoption is not an easy option

    It is not for anyone who just 'thinks' that they would like to have a child around the house.
    A 'playmate' for little Lisa.
    A 'helper' for Mum.
    A 'friend' for Jaya.
    A 'companion' for Dad on his fishing trips.

    Ask yourself....

    "What right do I have to impose my selfish needs upon this Child?"

    On the other hand, you think that you can offer something?

    Love, Care, Security?

    Are you prepared for the fact that you will BELONG to this Child?

    The sleepless nights?
    The shattered days?
    The pointless arguments?
    The insults?
    The scorn?
    Whispering of 'neighbours'?
    Friends who've '..been a little busy'

    If you aren't sure..... better not Adopt.

    OK! So YOU think you can take all this and more.
    (Yes! There is a lot more)

    Do you know......

    Adoption just might be for you!

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